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Your entry will be judged by a panel of casino experts with long experience of the sector.  However, they will be judging you purely on the quality of your submission and using the following guidelines:

  1. Does your entry fit the category criteria?
  2. In a maximum of 250 words, what have you done and why should you win the category?  The judges will be looking for a convincing argument!
  3. In a (separate) maximum of 250 words, what were the results: what evidence can you produce that supports your entry?  Hard data from a credible third party preferred!
  4. You may append supporting documents or website links, but less is more: huge documents don’t get read!

Nominations for this award are accepted but the final decision is made by the Board of the European Casino Association. They are not bound or limited by nominations in their selection of the Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.

(for operators with three or fewer casinos)

(for operators with four or more casinos)

(an individual casino, independent or part of an estate, that you consider to be the best)

(this is about how you communicate with customers - it might be a groundbreaking app, a particularly good website, an excellent newsletter, or some other innovation)

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0 of 250 max words
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Maximum upload size: 6MB
All nominees must be licensed suppliers or operators in their relevant jurisdiction to be eligible for these awards. Is your product or service licensed in Europe?